“We have worked with Beebo on numerous occasions and their ability to understand the design intent and tailor their service and building technique to suit, is what makes them exceptional builders. Within the short timeframe, we relished the opportunity to call upon Beebo’s expertise across numerous specialist trades.”


“Beebo are an incredible team to work with. They provide an entire network of skilled & appropriate trades and craftsmen, offering a resource of information and expertise second to none. No job is too big or too small & each is attacked with a sensitivity to design and aesthetic and very importantly, attention to detail. They respond with speed and capability to requests, last minute or not, for custom or bespoke pieces in a space. Beebo, and their standout foremen, are an inspiration and a pleasure to work with.”

Sibella Court, The Society Inc.

“Always available with an ‘I can do’ attitude made working with Beebo not only rewarding but also an absolute pleasure. The team approached each design and construction challenge that came along with great enthusiasm and an open mind.”

Brian Hess, HESS HOEN

“Their focus on quality, detailed costing, ability to work with our architect and pride in their workmanship (the “Beebo standard”) resulted in a fantastic house beautifully constructed. The complex was made simple, the challenging was made easy and the resultant experience was both enjoyable and rewarding.”

Neil and Libby Helm, private residence, Queenscliff

“Beebo … were always happy to work through assumptions and details to ensure the building was built in the best possible way, with an eye for longevity, cost and beauty. They were always ahead of the next step, never floundering or catching up at the expense of the built quality.
As a direct result of their performance on Roslyn Street, we have signed two contracts with Beebo and are aiming for a third!”

Camilla Block, Durbach Block Jaggers

“As the client, the experience of working with Beebo Constructions and their personnel to achieve excellence in construction and outstanding finishes has been totally satisfying. Communication between client and builder was clear and open. Construction techniques and material options were thoroughly examined and understood. Programming was pinpoint. Sub contract trades were well managed and displayed pride in their work.

This builder has a keen eye for detail and technical knowledge which resulted in a high standard of finish. The management of neighbour and community attitudes is a great strength of the Beebo Constructions team”

Client, Barcelona Building

“Carabella Street was extremely complex in construction and materiality. It also took place on a difficult site in a complex administrative environment. Beebo handled both of these with a mixture of good planning, common sense and inspired building skills.”

David Jaggers, Durbach Block Jaggers

“… we worked with amazing builders. A lot of what we did had never been done before. From the floor to our refrigerated cabinet where we age all of the meat – that’s the only glass cool room in this country. From an engineering and design point of view there were a lot of crazy things we wanted to do which hadn’t been done before. Therefore a lot of people were inclined to say “no, it’s too hard”. But we worked with people who understood the vision and they really helped.”

Interview with Anthony Puharich, Victor Churchill

“This has been a most successful collaboration, resulting in a building and interior fitout of very high construction quality being delivered in a tight time frame under difficult conditions. Complex precise details were achieved through a collaborative process, where Beebo demonstrated a thorough understanding of the design intent for the project. Beebo demonstrated considerable ability to strategically coordinate the different stages of the works to allow business to operate throughout the construction period.”

Jonathan Evans, Director, Tzannes Associates

“Simon and Chris’ attention to the unusual amount of intricate detail involved in this ambitious project, their communication skills and overall diligence in an effort to achieve the elusive mix of construction quality, timing and budget makes Beebo one of our 1st choices in Sydney to recommend to our clients.”

Michael McCann, Dreamtime Australia Design

“…site access difficulties required lateral thought and changes to the construction sequence, issues with neighbours required subtle diplomacy, and a steady stream of design changes… all the team at Beebo Constructions handles these difficulties with a cheerful determination to do the right thing.”

Bruce Hutchinson, Chapman Hutchison Pty Ltd

“The design intensifies the retail journey and the customer experience. This is a world-class example of retail design and may set a benchmark for retail design globally. (Winner-Overall Premier Award for Interior Design Excellence and Innovation)

Jury Citation – 2010 Australian Interior Design Awards

“Their workmanship across the project is formidable, and the result is an architecture of specific moments, large and small.”

Olivia Hyde, Architecture Australia Magazine

“Cost control was an issue which Beebo addressed professionally and responsibly, often offering sensible, well-considered options and alternatives to deliver the required end result…  There is little doubt that the outstanding end result in no small way is a result of the attitude, skill and abilities that the Beebo team provided…

There are not many projects where one can truthfully say that every encounter and every experience with the building contractor was beneficial, productive and enjoyable. The Hipwood Street project is one of these rare projects. The end result is a building of exceptional quality, functionality and appearance that will be durable and long lasting.”

Robert M. Koch, Senior Associate, Sinclair Knight Merz

“The attention to detail which you have achieved, on our home designed by Tzannes Associates is extraordinary and we congratulate you all.”

Tony and Christine Cook, Cook Residence, Kirribilli

We trust our buildings and past customers will speak loudly enough for themselves. Explore our portfolio and feel free to contact us and request any references you require.