Haig Street, Chatswood


This project presented the opportunity to explore an urban model for the suburban bungalow. The challenge was to achieve an uncompromising yet sympathetic resolution in a cul-de-sac street of identical Federation houses. The design examines the use of an archetypal form, the balance of privacy with public and neighbouring amenity, materiality and the expression of structure. The primary aim of the project was to create an environment that fosters an authentic experience of dwelling, and nurtures the growth of its inhabitants.

The project achieved a high level of detail and finishes for a reasonable cost per square metre, and included the pool and significant landscaping. The form and simplicity of structure maintained this economy. Oriented to the north, the building is based on good solar passive design principles. The form is compact with natural ventilation and roof windows over the stairwell utilising the stack effect. Retaining the only significant tree on site was an important priority throughout the design and construction.

Article – RAIA Residential Award Entry

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